CNET News.com: Salon gets a full-body makeover

“The online publication, which launched in 1995 as a weekly
“interactive magazine of books, arts, and ideas,” today launched an
overhaul that also includes a redesign complete with expanded
coverage and multiple daily updates, as well as a switch from
Windows NT to the Linux operating system.”

“Salon says it made the move from NT to a customized version of
the Red Hat 5.2 distribution of Linux “in order to support
Salon.com’s growing needs.””

“For a growing company like Salon, Linux is the best of all
worlds,” Chad Dickerson, Salon’s vice president of technology, said
in a statement. “It’s a proven technology, it’s low cost and high
performance, and it’s broadly supported. The robustness and
stability of the Linux operating system make it ideal for
mission-critical applications.”

“Dickerson noted that Linux will offer Salon a “solid technical
backbone” to support its move from a magazine format to a network
of sites. Gartner Group analyst Tom Henkel said today that
scalability and reliability are among Linux’s advantages.”


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