ComputerWorld: Linux In a 3-Piece Suit?

“Though few companies are ready to make Linux a corporate
standard, a small number of large organizations are using it to do
serious work”

“Enterprises giving Linux a try include Amerada Hess Corp.,
Burlington Coat Factory, Cendant Corp., The BFGoodrich Co., the Los
Angeles Times and the city of Medina, Wash. For these
organizations, the chance to save money is important.

Characteristics such as high performance and reliability are
also high on the list of Linux attractions. To achieve these,
people are deliberately going outside their comfort zones to expose
themselves to different ways of thinking about operating system
purchases, installation and support.”

“The following profiles detail the experiences of four
enterprises that considered Linux for their major systems. Three
[Amerada Hess, Burlington Coat Factory, City of Medina, Wash.]
decided that Linux had important cost and efficiency advantages and
opted to run with it; the fourth [Intelligence Data Inc.] took a
pass and chose Solaris.”