CRN: HP’s E-Utilica Embraces NT, Linux

“Hewlett-Packard plans to ship Windows NT and Linux versions of
its ASP-in-a-box solution in November.”

“The hardware and software package, dubbed e-Utilica, is already
available for HP-UX, the vendor’s version of Unix. HP is
targeting service providers that want to host applications or rent
out computing capacity via the Internet. The software works by
temporarily opening the customer firewall so the customer’s network
can access the systems in the service provider’s facility
says Matt Oberdorfer, e-Utilica product marketing manager at

“Starting at $500,000, e-Utilica has two components: an
administration rack and a two-meter server rack that holds between
four and 20 systems. Each administration rack can manage up to four
server racks.”