Ellison’s keynote: Linux, Exadata, the Governator and more

“He noted that the Oracle’s virtual machine will run any OS,
such as Windows or Solaris and, of course, Oracle Enterprise Linux.
What was surprising, he said, were the results of an HP survey
which asked customers running Linux under an Oracle database which
Linux they were using. About 65 percent said they were using Oracle
Enterprise Linux.

“Then, we moved on to Exadata 2, Ellison’s love child that
brings together the combination of technology from Oracle and Sun
and allows him to take jabs at rival IBM. This is one powerful
machine, he notes, that runs 16 times faster than IBM. (Jab No. 1)
But wait, he said. IBM has challenged that response, saying that it
doesn’t run 16 times faster but only SIX times faster.”


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