FairfaxIT: Linux battles the biggies in major switch

“THE Linux operating system is rapidly gaining acceptance as a
desktop operating system and already has a strong presence in the
server market, particularly with the Internet service providers
that use it to host Web sites, e-mail and other services.
Recognising the platform’s stability and expandability, however, a
number of hardware and software vendors are taking Linux into a new
sphere as they integrate it into a broad range of new

“NBase-Xyplex, a provider of high-end networking equipment,
threw its weight behind Linux with the May launch of its OSR8040
Open System Linux switch router, a critical device that steers data
between company and Internet networks. While routers from market
leaders such as Cisco Systems and Nortel Networks have long been
based on proprietary operating systems, NBase-Xyplex’s choice to
use Linux marks a notable departure from this trend.”

“Many router operating systems are derivatives of Unix
anyway, but with Linux you’ve got a reasonable base for a routing
operating system without having to do things from the ground

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