Fedora Present and Future: a Fedora.next 2014 Update

But, really, the idea of Fedora Cloud is to see what we can provide beyond that. At DevConf, I mentioned that we were exploring the idea of integrating ostree, and since then, we have agreed and are in (sometimes frantic) progress towards making that one of our key features in Fedora 21. I also talked about a Docker host image as an out-of-the-box sort of solution (a pre-assembled Lego set, if you remember back to Part II of this series). We’ve decided to combine these two things in conjunction with the upstream Project Atomic. That project provides the plans and best practices for running containerized applications, including configuration and orchestration, and Fedora (along with RHEL and CentOS) will provide the actual implementation. Fedora is in a great position to be the best platform for development and, in many cases, actual production use of containerized cloud apps.