IBM.com: Simulating Massively Parallel Database Processing on Linux

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“Massively parallel processing (MPP) holds the key to making
many inexpensive computers work together to solve a large problem.
Some problems are very difficult to break into pieces and farm out
to a cluster of machines. We are fortunate that relational
databases lend themselves to parallelization.

“Partitioning and clustering are the keys to database
scalability. You can get started now with low-cost technologies and
refute any argument that ‘MPP’ means ‘massive purchase price.’ This
article shows you how to get DB2 Extended Enterprise Edition (EEE)
Version 7.2 running on Linux on your laptop. Then we?ll explore how
to set up two database partitions on a single computer (known as
multiple logical nodes) and create tables partitioned across these

“These nodes are how a multi-million dollar cluster processes
data in DB2 EEE. But a single CPU machine can run multiple nodes
and simulate having computers connected together in a

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