If They Mated: Intel and Cray to Conceive x86 Linux Monster

“In a move that could have broad implications for the
high-performance computing (HPC) market, Intel and Cray have
announced a broad collaboration that will see engineers from the
two companies work together on future products and projects.

“With the first Intel-Cray products appearing in the 2010-2011
timeframe, it’s clear that three Intel technologies have caught
Cray’s eye: the native 32nm Sandy Bridge microarchitecture, the
QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) scheme, and the forthcoming discrete,
x86-based graphics product, codenamed Larrabee. Cray will plug all
of these components into its SeaStar interconnect fabric, and when
combined with Cray Linux they’ll make for an HPC and floating-point

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