InfoWorld: Linux entices IBM, Oracle

“The growing acceptance of Linux as an enterprise OS has
captured the attention of consumers and market giants alike.
Until recently, Linux was seen primarily as a developer’s tool.
Now it’s increasingly common to see it doing heavy lifting
alongside OSes from industry leaders such as Hewlett-Packard, IBM,
and Sun. In reaction to this trend, both Oracle and IBM have
decided to embrace the platform and get in on the Linux
This could mean big things for the OS: Support from
two such influential companies surely will make Linux a more
tangible and widespread option for businesses.”

“IBM is in the process of rolling out Linux support across all
its servers and software platforms. In fact, some IBM systems, such
as System/390 and Netfinity, already run Linux like a charm.”

“And if there’s one thing for which IBM is known, it’s service,
even for systems outside its own ward. IBM not only provides all
the frontline support for its own hardware but also for systems
running on Windows NT and Windows 2000. Businesses can count on
similar around-the-clock support for the company’s Linux-based
products without worrying that the vendor will pass the buck to the
Linux distribution company or, even worse, to some open-source
developer in Kuwait.”

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