Internet2 Accelerates to 100 Gigabit

“Internet2 is moving to 100 Gigabit per second (100G) networking
thanks to new technologies and standards. Internet2 is a high-speed
network connecting over 50,000 research and educational

“The official move to 100G networking should not come as a
surprise, as Internet2 first announced its 100G intentions back in
2008. What has changed in the last two years is that 100G
networking has moved from becoming just an idea to becoming an
implementable reality.

“”In 2008 Internet2, ESnet and our partners were really trying
to help the market realize the need for 100G capabilities being
driven by the research and education community,” Rob Vietzke,
Internet2 Executive Director of Network Services told
InternetNews.com. “Our goal was to push faster adoption of 100G
standards and get ready for the deployment that we are now
beginning this year.”

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