IT-Director: And Now Real-Time Linux [TimeSys Linux/RT]

“It was probably predictable and only a matter of time, but
someone has finally decided to do a real-time version of Linux. The
company is TimeSys Corporation, an established provider of products
and solutions for real-time systems and the new Linux version is
called, rather unimaginatively, TimeSys Linux/RT. TimeSys
claims that its version of Linux is the first to extend the
open-source kernel to provide predictable real-time response. To
its credit TimeSys has chosen to extend the Linux kernel rather
than layer a proprietary real-time OS over Linux.”

“TimeSys claims that its Linux/RT architecture ensures that if a
single real-time process crashes, the rest of the processes, as
well as the kernel, will continue to run. It can also incorporate a
proprietary layer called RTAI (Real-Time Applications Interface),
which furnishes high performance and small system footprint
characteristics. The product will be available in April from
TimeSys free via Internet download and on CD-ROM for a nominal fee.
TimeSys expects to make its revenue by offering a portfolio of
interoperable software products, training, customisation and
consulting services. These will include SuiteTime, a set of support
tools and a real-time Java Virtual Machine (JVM).”