Linux Kernels 4.9.12 and 4.4.51 Now Available with Small Changes, Updated Drivers

Linux kernels 4.9.12 LTS and 4.4.51 LTS are now the latest stable and most advanced versions of the respective branches, and they are recommended to all users who run GNU/Linux distributions powered by either the Linux 4.4 or Linux 4.9 kernel series. These new point releases arrive only five days after the launch of their previous builds, namely Linux kernel 4.9.11 LTS and 4.4.50 LTS. The changes included in today’s Linux 4.9.12 and 4.4.51 LTS kernels are small and include mostly updated drivers that add various improvements to AMD Radeon GPUs, I2C, MD, media, MMC, NTB, PCI, and SCSI devices. A couple of bug fixes are implemented for ARM and PowerPC (PPC) hardware architectures, as well as the FUSE file system.