LinuxWorld.com.au: Europe’s largest bioinformatics platform runs Linux

“Inpharmatica, a bioinformatics and pharmaceutical research
company, announced on 14 December that it has more than doubled the
power of its in-house computer facilities.”

“Large amounts of computer power is essential for the techniques
involved in analysing the enormous amounts of data now generated by
the Human Genome Project. Inpharmatica’s 1100-processor Linux
system is claimed to be the most powerful commercial installation
in Europe dedicated to bioinformatics….”

“Historically, companies wanting to do large-scale,
processing-intensive computing have had to rely on specialist
high-performance computing vendors with high-cost proprietary
solutions,” said Pat Leach, IT director at Inpharmatica. “The use
of Linux and the low cost of standard PC components has enabled
Inpharmatica to achieve ‘more for less’.”


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