London Stock Exchange completes first live Linux test

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“The London Stock Exchange has completed the first
“dress rehearsal”, a test with its customers online, of a new
Linux-based system due to replace Microsoft-centric architecture.

“The Millennium Exchange system, based around Linux and Sun
Solaris Unix, and using Oracle databases, will replace the
Microsoft.Net-basedTradElect platform on the main stock exchange on
1 November, and is intended to be one of the fastest exchange
systems in the world with trading times of 0.125 milliseconds. The
exchange completed the switchover of its separate dark pool, or
anonymous, trading platform Turquoise from different systems
earlier this month.

“The LSE declined to disclose its verdict of the Millennium
Exchange dress rehearsal, which took place on Saturday after months
of extensive offline tests. But sources close to the exchange
indicated it had gone successfully.”

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