Magento application can be installed on RHEL / CentOS 7 with the following instructions

Magento is a robust and powerful platform for eCommerce websites. It is built with a PHP Framework. It comes with two editions – Magento-2 Commerce (EE), formerly known as Enterprise Edition) and Magento-2 Open Source (formerly known as Community Edition). Magento-2 is a fully customizable and user-friendly interface, which can set up and control a fully operational e-commerce store in a few minutes.

In short, you can use Magento-2 EE/Commerce, which is a paid version where you can get all the advanced functionalities with a yearly subscription. You can choose a slab based on your business-level/stage and Magento-2 CE/Opensource is offered a free version where anyone can download and use it to build their own business, preferably (small business) where they can do the test on how to build an eCommerce Site. CE can modify based on your requirements, it also has the advantage of using Magento extensions to strengthen the functionality.