noticias.info: Sun Microsystems Sets World Records for MCAE Applications on AMD Opteron

“Keeping up the record-setting trend started by a 16-node
cluster of Sun Fire X2100 servers on EXA’s PowerFLOW CFD
(Computational Fluid Dynamics) application(1), the 32-node cluster
— now powered by AMD’s Opteron Model 156 processor, the
highest-performing single-core AMD Opteron 100 series processor —
set two new world records on LS-DYNA and Fluent benchmarks.

“Sun is the first vendor to publish results on a system that is
based on streamlined, high-performance, single-socket servers used
as quintessential cost-effective building blocks, which were
running 64-bit SuSE Linux (SLES9) and interconnected using Cisco
InfiniBand technology…”

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