O’Reilly: CASE Tools: Large System Development

“Despite the reports to the contrary from such industry
intellects as IDG, Linux has made quite a big splash in all areas
of computing and not just ‘limited inroads’ in the data center in
terms of Web servers. Notice I said, ‘computing’. Not desktop
applications, Web servers, or clusters, but computing. Computing is
something that transcends the mundane and goes to the heart of the
nature of what it is that computers do and how we get them to do

“We often see articles and other material written about Linux in
high-end database servers, DNA sequencing software, geologic
research, and embedded Linux. What we don’t usually see is the
depth to which open source software and Linux are influencing the
way software is created.

“Beyond the lone programmer toiling away over a hot keyboard
with way too much caffeine at his or her disposal, there are some
very serious software engineering efforts happening in the Linux
universe. This article will talk about some aspects of this part of
the Linux world and how they can help shape and control
software-engineering costs at your firm…”

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