PRNewswire: CSP Inc. Expands New FastCluster Solutions With Apple’s Power Mac

“CSP Inc. (Nasdaq: CSPI), a leading provider of high-performance
computer systems, announced that it has signed an agreement with
Apple Computer, Inc. authorizing CSPI to resell Apple’s computer
products as part of its clustering solutions. CSPI intends to
incorporate Apple’s top-of-the-line Power Mac G4’s into its
FastCluster product offerings. FastCluster is a highly scalable
multicomputer cluster with Linux used for high performance
computing applications.”

“Systems can easily be configured and expanded for a wide
variety of applications due to similarities in the hardware and
software architecture of both the Apple Power Mac G4 and CSPI
FastCluster. Both product families deliver the superior performance
of PowerPC processors, including Motorola’s new MPC7400 processor
with AltiVec technology. They also feature Myricom’s high-speed
Myrinet interconnect technology and Terra Soft Solutions Black Lab
Linux operating system.”

“Based in Billerica, Mass., CSP Inc. (Nasdaq: CSPI), and its
subsidiaries develop and market Internet software for e-business
and m-business solutions, image processing software, network
management integration services and high- performance Linux

Press Release

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