PRNewswire: MIICRO Acquires an 8-Node Linux Cluster to Further Develop Neuroinformatics Service

“MIICRO, Inc. has agreed to purchase a parallel computing
cluster based on PowerPC microprocessors from Terra Soft Solutions,
Inc., Loveland, CO. Parallel processing refers to the concept of
speeding-up the execution of a software program by dividing the
program into multiple fragments that can execute simultaneously
across multiple computers.”

MIICRO will use this high-speed computing environment to
advance the development of its neuroinformatics services, namely
the rapid screening of central nervous system (CNS) compounds and
the development of high-speed image analysis tools.
ability to rapidly analyze our CNS drug effect profiles in various
ways, in conjunction with other analyses and other modalities, from
a single point, will provide valuable new insights as well as
better bio-measurement tools for CNS drug development,” said Declan
Cooper, Vice President of Technology for MIICRO.”

“Terra Soft is the leading developer of Linux solutions for
PowerPC microprocessors. The company recently announced the
offering of “Lab Rack,” which is based on eight iMac logic boards
acting as one supercomputer. It is portable, and has Terra Soft’s
Black Lab Linux operating system installed and configured for
parallel software development.”

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