QubeQuorner: Review: Lotus Domino Administration in a Nutshell

[ Thanks to Luke
for this link. ]

“Until now it was easier to fit a herd of camels through the eye
of a needle than find a good Domino book. Greg Neilson has done
Domino administrators a service, putting together an excellent
book, one which deserves to be on every Domino administrator’s

“While most people these days tend to run Domino on NT, a Unix
version has long been available, and last year Lotus released their
Linux version. You can therefore run Domino on a RaQ3 or RaQ4,
which use Intel-compatible CPUs, but you cannot run Domino on a
Qube, which uses a MIPS CPU. The Domino adminstration tools,
however, run only under NT (or Win9x or WinME), unless you get them
running under Linux with the help of Wine.”

“My two favourite chapters are Chapter 13, which lists the
server tasks and console commands, and Chapter 14, which describes
in glorious detail the Notes.ini file. There is a three page
appendix on running Domino under Linux.
It’s worth reading
before trying to install Domino on Linux, but it’s obviously not
going to be of much help on a Sunday evening when you’re stuck at
the office…”