Reduce Linux power consumption, Part 3: Tuning results

“Power efficiency is an important consideration for anyone
concerned with business costs or environmental issues. In this
final article in the series, let’s look at the difference in power
efficiency (in real numbers and charts) that you get from tuning
the Linux CPUfreq subsystem and in-kernel governors to change the
processor’s operating frequency without having a major impact on

“In Part 2, you saw how to use and tune the governors, so now
you’ll see some governor effects. I use two popular workloads to
compare performance and power consumption and show how a tuned
governor can provide power savings without sacrificing

“A workload from the SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark that evaluates
both power and performance

“A workload from an e-commerce shopping application that gathers
many statistics during a simulated online shopping session,
including latency times and the number of requests per second.”

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