SearchOpenSource: Xen in Action: Deploying Multiple Servers

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“Most organizations operate multiple platforms within their IT
infrastructures. If anything, heterogenous infrastructures have
been bolstered as vendor support has increased for virtualized
server and workstation solutions. VMware currently dominates the
virtualization marketplace with its almost unchallenged line of ESX
Server and Workstation products (not to mention the free VMware
Player), but XenWorks has recently stepped forward as a challenger.
Its flagship virtualization product Xen 3.0 has been heavily touted
as the big alternative to VMware, particularly for Linux, and even
comes integrated with commercial SuSE and Red Hat Enterprise

“This article briefly examines the current state of affairs for
multiple server deployment, with an emphasis on modern advancements
in virtual servers and workstations. The most common configurations
use three primary techniques: Partition, Emulate and

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