Smart Partner: What Happened To Monterey?

“IBM may be driving the new economy with its e-business efforts,
but deep down it still acts like the old-economy Big Blue.”

“Witness the company’s handling of the death of Project
Monterey-IBM’s code name for a joint project it ran with SCO to
allow its AIX version of Unix to run natively on Intel’s 64-bit

IBM still insists that Project Monterey isn’t dead. It’s
just finished-as in the work is completed and the code is still
live. Only now the code that was used in Monterey is being
repurposed to include Linux compatibility with AIX rather than with
SCO UnixWare.

“This is a little like building a car, dismantling it and using
those pieces in a different car. Yes, the pieces are still
valuable, but the final product undoubtedly will look a lot
different from the way it originally was envisioned.”