Supercharge Your LAN With Condor, Part 2

“In the previous article of this 2-part series, you got your
Condor client and server set up. Now let’s test them out by
submitting a job.

“First, you’ll need to set the CONDOR_CONFIG
environment variable to the location of your condor_config

“Next you have to create a Condor submit file. This tells Condor
what your job is, how to run it, and what its requirements are.
Here’s a very basic example:

Executable  = test.sh
Log         = test.log
error       = test.error
Universe    = vanilla

“This tells Condor to queue up one copy of test.sh for
execution (a good test.sh for our purposes might be one
that echos the date to a file, sleeps 5 seconds, and then echoes
the date again to the same file). No platform is specified, so the
default is to make it the same OS and architecture as the machine
that the job was submitted from (so on the machine I’m writing this
on, that would be i386 Linux). A log file is given, and somewhere
to put stderror. No input or output commands are given, so
stdin and stdout will both go to


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