SUSE Linux Enterprise wins at Final Jeopardy!

“Which operating system powers the world’s most famous
supercomputer and Jeopardy! contestant? The answer is SUSE Linux
Enterprise Server 11. Watson, developed by IBM, recently won a
Jeopardy practice round against previous champions Ken Jennings and
Brad Rutter and is scheduled to be on the game show on Feb 14 and

“Watson runs on IBM’s high-performance, high-capacity Power
servers and SUSE Linux Enterprise is the fastest operating system
on POWER7, making it an ideal choice for Watson.

“Containing more than 200 million digital pages of information
and operating at a speed of over 80 teraflops in its digital
“brain,” Watson uses a combination of deep analytics and rapid
processing speeds that can interpret the types of “natural
language” questions used in the long-running game show.”


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