System76 Refreshes Their “Darter Pro” Linux Laptop to Offer Better Battery Life

Dubbed to be System76’s “most portable machine,” the refreshed Darter Pro laptop comes with a larger battery, which means that customers should expect to see an increase of the work time with a few hours compared to the older model. System76 claims the new Darter Pro laptop will last a full workday without being charged, saying the battery lasted about 7 hours during their internal tests. Despite the larger battery, the Darter Pro laptop remains thin and ultra-portable, featuring a lightweight chassis that’s only 18mm in size and 1.3 kg in weight, multi-color backlit keyboard with tactile feedback, a gorgeous 15.6-inch Matte IPS Full HD (1920×1080) display???, as well as 8th generation Intel Core ???i5 (8265U???) or Intel Core ???i7 (8565U) processors with 6MB or 8MB cache, 4 cores, and 8 threads.