Wireshark, World’s Most Popular Network Protocol Analyzer, Gets New Release

Wireshark 2.2.8 comes about one and a half months after the 2.2.7 release to patch security vulnerabilities that have been discovered in the application lately, including a WBMXL dissector infinite loop, an openSAFETY dissector memory exhaustion, an AMQP dissector crash, a DOCSIS infinite loop, and an MQ dissector crash. The update also improves support for several protocols, including SMB2, TCP, TCAP, IEEE 802.11, IP, AMQP, LTE RRC, SCCP, BGP, BSSMAP, GSM A GM, BT RFCOMM, DAAP, OSPF, DOCSIS, E.212, FDDI, WSMP, GSM BSSMAP, WBXML, ISIS LSP, UMTS FP, MQ, OpenSafety, SGSAP, PROFINET IO, Y.1711, RANAP, and UMTS RLC.