10 KDE tools you need to try

“I’ve been impressed with the advancements the KDE development
team has made with version 4.5. Not only is the desktop environment
light-years ahead of where I expected it to be (after the abysmal
4.0 release), it’s has turned out to be a desktop that any Linux
user would be happy to use. It’s as stable and as responsive as
GNOME and as flexible as just about any desktop.

“But beyond the desktop itself, KDE has a number of excellent
tools. If you’ve never tried, you don’t know what you’re missing.
So I thought I’d highlight some of these tools and maybe pique your
interest. These tools vary in topic and task and should appeal to a
wide range of user types.

“1: KMail
KMail is important for any user migrating from Mac who was/is fond
of Apple Mail. It has a similar look and feel to Apple Mail and
offers a nice feature list that will make you right at home with
your email client. The biggest downfall of KMail is that to connect
to an Exchange server, that server must have IMAP enabled. KMail is
also a part of the Kontact groupware suite. Kontact can certainly
stand toe to toe with other groupware suites –with the
exception of Exchange integration. But Kontact can connect with
other groupware servers, such as Kolab, OpenXchange, and

“2: KRDC”