10 Ubuntu re-spins I’d like to see

“Takeaway: Jack Wallen let’s his imagination go wild and creates
some Ubuntu-based distributions that could have real world
applications. Along the way, he creates some just for fun. Let us
know which ones YOU would like to see.

“In the Linux-verse, a re-spin is basically a new distribution
that has been “spun off” from another distribution. We’ve already
seen the likes of this with just about every major distribution.
Ubuntu is one of the distributions that has enjoyed a number of
good re-spins. Based on what is going down with the current
releases of Ubuntu, this favorite distribution of new users will be
in need of a few newer re-spins.

“With that in mind, I thought it would be a fun exercise to come
up with a few re-spins of my own that would combine various bits
and pieces (and a few philosophies) from other operating systems or

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