10 Young Open Source Projects to Watch

[ Thanks to Roland
for this link. ]

“New open source projects launch all the time and
there’s so many great ones out there it’s hard to find the diamonds
in the rough. Here are 10 promising young FOSS projects to keep an
eye on as their development grows. Download or use them in the
meantime as they develop, they are awesome!

“DokuWiki – A super easy to use wiki that’s great for
managing online collaborative documentation. Designed for
development teams and workgroups, it’s also perfect for volunteer
groups, small businesses, and anyone who needs to work on documents
with others remotely.

“GTD-Free – Fans of David Allen’s Getting Things Done
method of productivity will love this handy little desktop app. It
smoothly follows the GTD process to help keep users organized by
project, due date, or priority, and features editable lists,
tickler views, and more.”

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