12 IT Industry Disaster Scenarios

Disaster scenario No. 2: We’re right about Windows 8 – What’s bad for Microsoft is often bad for the industry. A Vista-level fiasco is not in anyone’s best interest, even Apple’s. We may not all want Microsoft feeling elated, but disastrous dejection is not great for our joint economic outlook, not to mention the poor souls stuck installing, uninstalling, supporting, and developing for something as bad as we’re expecting. Please only be Windows 2000 bad and not Vista bad!

Disaster scenario No. 3: Linus Torvalds is hit by a bus – Linux remains the most important open source project in the world, used in everything from smartphones to consumer electronics to appliances to the enterprise servers that power e-commerce worldwide. Even mainframes run Linux, as do the supercomputers responsible for the world’s most advanced scientific data analysis.