15 Years in the Making, Wine 1.0 Is in Sight

“For far longer than any of its developers would care to recall,
Wine, the best program to use in Linux to run Windows applications,
has been in development. Now, at long last, Wine 1.0 is scheduled
to be released.

“To be exact, Wine (Wine is not an emulator) 1.0 should appear
June 6, on the project’s 15th birthday. While at this point there
are 1,229 Windows applications that install and run out of the box,
the Platinum applications, using Wine on Linux, only four Microsoft
applications–Photoshop CS2, PowerPoint Viewer 97 and 2003, and
Word Viewer 97 and 2003, and Excel Viewer 97 and 2003–are being
considered as critical for the 1.0 release. The reason for this,
the Wine developers explain in the Wine 1.0 release plan, is that
‘expanding that list is that each new app adds a huge amount of
testing to each release…'”