20 Best Android apps this week

Chameleon Launcher: Chameleon Launcher’s developer raised more than $66k on Kickstarter earlier in 2012 to make its “better Home Screen for your Android tablet”, and now it’s out in the wild. It aims to put a better-looking spin on Android’s default widget system, with several of its own and an API for developers to create others. It’s built for tweaking too: users can create several different home screens, and set “context rules” to switch between them in different times and locations.

Amazon MP3: Not, admittedly, a new app, but it now has a new service for Brits. Amazon launched its Amazon Cloud Player in the UK this week, enabling people to play the songs they’ve stored in their music locker. New purchases from the MP3 Store are also automatically added to the Cloud Player.

Talking Ginger: The popularity of Outfit7’s Talking Friends apps can be gauged by the fact that Talking Ginger has more than 500,000 installs on Android a matter of days after its release. As with other apps in the series, its animal hero will speak your words back to you, with a focus on his bedtime routine designed to appeal to children.