20 Must Have Ubuntu Apps for Productivity

6) Pybliographer: Keeping track of bibliographic databases isn’t for the faint of heart. It takes one of two things: plenty of time or decent software. Being a busy guy myself, I opted for decent software.

The software I selected to handle all of my own bibliographic needs was Pybliographer. Despite a call being put out to the public for a new maintainer, I’ve found it difficult to match this software elsewhere. It’s simple to use, has a flowing interface and, overall, has yet to let me down. I also dig the fact that it works with LibreOffice for inserting citations as well.

7) gSTM(Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager): To say that I spend more time in SSH than the average person, is fair to say the least. It’s a handy way to tunnel into my various PCs and servers. Not only that, bundled with X forwarding, I can access local applications as if I was sitting right there at the desk.

Sadly, though, not all SSH managers are created equal. After trying a few different options, I found myself happily settling for gSTM as my goto SSH tool. With its fantastic UI, gSTM allows me to connect to multiple SSH-enabled machines with the utmost of ease. Even better, it allows me to add or remove services with a mere few strokes of my keyboard.

8) Liferea: I have been an avid RSS user since the beginning. My usage dates back to Radio UserLand and today, RSS remains a huge part of my life with my own OPML files. The key to getting the most from RSS and the content syndicated from it comes down to being able to use Liferea for handling my RSS feeds. With its natural UI flow and ability to tackle my individual RSS feeds and bundled OPML files, it’s easily the best RSS reader I’ve ever used on the Linux desktop.