2011: The year Android had Multiple Personality Disorder

[ Thanks to Jason
for this link. ]

“In modern psychiatric medicine, the term ‘Dissociative Identity
Disorder’ (or DID for short) is used to describe what is commonly
referred to as Multiple Personality Disorder — a rare mental
illness in which a human being manifests distinctly different and
separate personalities in their own brain, each of which have their
own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

“Awareness of the condition was first popularized with the 1974
novel and then the 1976 NBC television miniseries ‘Sybil’ starring
actress Sally Field, which was re-made in 2007 with Tammy Blanchard
reprising the title role.

“If you could sum up what was wrong with Android in 2011, this
despite it having achieved the market leading platform position in
the mobile industry, Dissociative Identity Disorder just about
describes it exactly. Here’s why.”

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