30 Best Sources For Linux / *BSD / Unix Documentation On the Web

[ Thanks to An Anonymous Reader for
this link. ]

“Arch Linux is an independently developed, Linux operating
system and it comes with pretty good documentation in form of wiki
based site. It is developed collaboratively by a community of Arch
users, allowing any user to add and edit content. The articles are
divided into various categories like networking, optimization,
package management, system administration, X window system, and
getting & installing Arch Linux. The official forums are useful
for solving many issues. It has total 40k+ registered users with
over 1 million posts. The wiki contains some general information
that can also apply in other Linux distros.

“Gentoo Linux is based on the Portage package management system.
The Gentoo user compiles the source code locally according to their
chosen configuration. The majority of users have configurations and
sets of installed programs which are unique to themselves. The
Gentoo give you some explanation about the Gentoo Linux and answer
most of your questions regarding installations, packages,
networking, and much more. Gentoo has very helpful forumwith over
one hundred thirty-four thousand plus users who have posted a total
of 5442416 articles.”