32BitsOnline: Book Review: “DNS and BIND” from O’Reilly

“DNS is a service that converts a name to an address. Simple,
obvious, and necessary. The system is available on most networks,
and makes the Internet feasible. However, with this flexibility
comes complexity. In order to properly configure and maintain the
system, most administrators require a source of information that is
well-organized, well-written, and easy to navigate.”

DNS and BIND”…is a well-written guide that is targeted at
system administrators. The book addresses setup, maintenance, and
other issues involved with using BIND under Unix to provide

“Throughout the book, the authors provide both information and
examples to guide the reader. Each chapter is dedicated to a
specific feature or feature set available under BIND. The book
covers the two versions of BIND most commonly found in modern
networks, BIND 4 and BIND 8.”

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