32BitsOnline: Caldera files to go public

[ Thanks to Barry Wong
for this link. ]

“While just filing for its IPO, Caldera has not distributed any
shares pending full registration of its statements become

The secret to a great IPO is financial backing from venture
funds and investment from larger technology companies. Like Red
Hat, Caldera is no different.
The company announced today that
it had received financial funding totalling $30 million form Sun
Microsystems, Citrix, Novell, SCO, Chicago Venture Partners and
Egan-Managed Capital.”

“We are encouraged by the support of these technology leaders,
which we take as an endorsement of the Linux industry as a whole
and the Open Source movement in particular, and we look forward to
their strategic counsel,” said Ransom Love, President and CEO of
Caldera Systems, Inc. in a statement to the press.”

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