32BitsOnline: Interview with Troll Tech

Thanks to BR for this

“Learn the vision that two man had. When someone believes deeply
enough, that someone will work hard to reach the goals. That’s what
Haarvard Nord and Eirik Eng of Troll Tech set out to do. The
results is Qt. A freely available product now the foundations in
which KDE is built on.”

“Having just released version 2.0 of Qt, Haavard Nord and Eirik
Eng of Troll Tech have a pretty good reason to sit down and rest
for a bit. Not that they are doing that, of course; full of plans
for the future, they continue their work for the Linux community
with increased effort. 32BitsOnline.com has had a talk with them
about Qt, the future and the past.”

“I recently met with Haavard and Eirik in their Oslo office.
Their office reflected their personalities: nothing fancy, just two
ordinary guys who happen to run a small company. They are the
founding fathers of Troll Tech, a small Norwegian company that has
attracted a great deal of world wide attention for their Qt
(pronounced “cute”) library, which is a graphics library for use in
the Unix and Microsoft Windows environment.”

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