32BitsOnline: Obviously we’re all Criminals, are you?

“…Unfortunately, we will have to tell our daughter the sad
truth one day. Her parents are criminals. Yes, that’s right, my
wife and I are criminals. Do we have a police record? No. Have we
ever murdered anyone? No. Have we ever assaulted anyone (besides
each other [grin])? No.”

“We’re criminals because we have three very damning items in our
possession: a legally-bought and registered personal firearm, a
CD-RW drive, and Napster. Mon dieu! I can hear the police sirens

“…To those who are totally lost by now, the point is that
neither Adaptec nor Napster are responsible for the actions of
their users. Particularly since both companies have loads of
disclaimers in their software and documentation. In this same
light, use of either product does not automatically make the user a
low-life criminal.”

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