32BitsOnline: The Fix is In

“The fact is, there seems to be little the Court can do that
will prohibit M$ from acting like they have all along
– or
help the Open Source community, for that matter. The best we can
hope for is that the Gub’ment can keep the monopolists busy enough
in court so Linux and the BSDs can develop enough dumb checkboxes
for the common Windows-trained computer user – giving Linux and the
BSDs a shot at becoming the dominant force in desktop computing, if
that is really some kind of goal.”

“The best thing that can (and just might) come out of all this
is the avalanche filing of over a hundred different Civil suits
that can use the Findings of Law as a basis for keeping the bulk of
the M$ general staff involved in a kind of rotating lawsuit
– complete with Gates and Ballmer on the stand at every
possible turn. Each trial will generate its own set of transcripts
that can be used in the next for the constant badgering of those
two with minuscule discrepancies in their testimony and the
eventual settling out of court with each plaintiff, to the possible
tune of a couple hundred million a pop.”

“That’s about the best justice I can think of – the eventual
hounding into near bankruptcy of a monopoly by the very people they
have so cavalierly screwed in the past, while they claimed to the
press and all the politicians who would listen that all they were
doing were “innovating” (TM)”

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