35 Inspired Android Apps to Boost Your Productivity

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“Can an Android app improve your life?

“It sure seems so. The latest Android apps give knowledge
workers the ability to connect and interface with information
anytime, anywhere, like never before. With the right apps on your
smartphone, you can collaborate with colleagues, view and update
files, track your projects and all sorts of other neat tricks.

“To help you get started, here’s a list of 35 of the best
Android apps to help knowledge workers get the most out of the
power at their fingertips.

“1) Thinking Space
Thinking Space is a mind mapping application that allows you to
visualize, structure and classify ideas. You can create nodes, add
notes to them and arrange them, all with a UI that makes it a snap
to work with. The maps you create with this app are also compatible
with PC-based Xmind and Freemind. Free.

“2) SlideScreen”

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