4 disappointments from OpenSuSE 11.4

[ Thanks to darkduck for this link.

“Did I enjoyed my long awaited Tux immediately after
that? Unfortunately, no. Instead, there were 4 disappointments
which I faced with. But let me describe them one-by-one.

“1. Live USB does not work.

“Yes! Simple as that! Live USB created with guidance from
OpenSuSE site does not work! I think this is because CD image
contains file syslinux.cfg, while USB image should have
isolinux.cfg. It is not possible to simply rename the file, because
USB drive is mounted read-only after dd-rescue.

“Actually, command dd-rescue surprised me a little. It was the
first time I saw it in recommendations. Usually dd command is used.
Will it work this time? I re-created my Live USB and rebooted once
again. Result was more promising that time, because at least I was
able to see boot menu! But soon after making my choice I had…
black screen with errors.”

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