5 great FPS game for Linux

[ Thanks to Riccardo
for this link. ]

“World of Padman: World of Padman is a game platform, open
source and free, derived from the graphics engine of Quake3. Unlike
the illustrious and prolific progenitor, the settings and the
characters are comic, as you can see in the video below.

“World Of Padman maps are really wonderful, they are based
mostly on the home: The kitchen, garden, living room and the
players are small and fanciful characters armed to the teeth. Their
size will allow you to exploit creatively all the objects in the
various maps. So a common toaster can become a springboard for a
super jump or a sink full of water will be for us a good place to
hide underwater.

“The game fully supports modifications, and custom maps can be

“In World of Padman, players die when they run out of health.
Players can restore their health at a loading station or with the
power-up ‘revival’ unlike in other games. In World of Padman there
are no health items to collect.”

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