5 Productivity-Enhancing Android Apps

“With the number of apps available on the Android market growing
by the minute, selections of apps have steadily proved to be among
the most productive Android apps. These apps, already in use by
millions of Android users are simply must-have apps.

“Documents To Go 2.0

“One can hardly mention the word productivity without having to
think about an Office Suite. Being able to access documents while
on the move is a big bonus in today’s fast paced society. Documents
To Go 2.0 lets you do exactly that and is, by far, the Office Suite
of choice for Android devices. The app lets users do all their word
processing, spreadsheet manipulation, slideshows and PDF viewing on
their Android devices. Basically, users of the app can use their
Android devices to do everything a normal PC would do in Microsoft
Office, Open Office or any other serious office suite.”

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