5 Reasons why Ubuntu 9.10 is better than Windows 7

[ Thanks to Steven J.
for this link. ]

“1) Security

“First, Windows 7 is no more secure than Windows has ever been.
Is it better than Vista? Sure. Is it faster than XP? Well, not so
much. Does it run a ton of popular applications? You betcha. But,
is Windows 7 still prone to an endless array of malware programs
and stuck with a pre-Internet security model? Yes, yes it is…

“2) Cheap

“I’m also cheap. I use older computers until they fall apart
underneath me. I have Ubuntu 9.10 working great on a 1.4GHz Pentium
IV HP with 512MBs of RAM which I got back in 2000. I could no more
get a decent version of Windows 7-Home Premium or above-to run on
that box than I could get my old Toyota RAV-4 to break 100 MPH on
the highway.”

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