50 Open Source Tools to Make Your Life Easier

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“The open source community is vibrant, continually
growing, and just loves to create applications and tools to make
lives easier. Here are 50 of our favorite open source apps that
help us do everything from managing pictures on our computer to
learning about Jupiter and Mars.


“Chandler – An information management application for
personal use or small group collaboration. Includes integrated
calendaring, data organization tools, and allows backup and data
sharing via web access.

“Tomboy – A cross-platform note-taking application packed
with features text highlighting, font styling, inline
spellchecking, and more.

“BasKet Note Pads – More than just a note-taking app,
BasKet lets you organize in track data in several different ways,
import information from other apps, and easily share your notes
with others.

“Freemind – This free mind mapping app can easily handle
maps with as many as 22,000 nodes. Easily import and export
existing data to and from Mindjet Mind Manager or Microsoft Office
and transfer maps…”

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