6 Linux Distros That Changed Everything

“Linux is all around us. From phones to firewalls, from Macs to
PCs, it’s getting hard to find electronics that don’t run Linux.
Over the years, there have been many distributions (normally called
distros) of Linux. Some are full-featured, others are very small,
some are general purpose, and others are designed for specific
tasks. Love it or hate it, Linux is here to stay.

“Below is a list of 6 distros that were milestones for Linux
adoption. Enjoy.

“1. Debian (1993-present): Back in 1993, only hardcore IT geeks
knew what Linux was or where to find it. Released alongside distros
like Slackware and SuSE, Debian introduced a new concept… a
universal OS that YOU customize. The user would install the Debian
core OS and then have access to thousands of repositories
containing software installation files. Debian is still available
today, in fact… there are many other popular distributions
which are based on it.”

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