6 More of the Best Free Linux Blog Software

[ Thanks to LinuxLinks for this link.

“Our article entitled 8 of the Best Free Linux Blog
Software highlighted our personal picks in the blogging world. Many
of those applications receive frequent coverage in Linux
publications. However, since that article was written in February
2009 there have been a number of other blogging tools that have
been seen significant development. From feedback from our
readership, we have also identified other blogging software that
are definitely worth trying. All of the applications in this
feature offer differing approaches, but they share a common goal of
making blogging considerably easier than posting directly on the
web site of blog services.

“To provide an insight into the quality of software available
for Linux, we have compiled a list of 6 more of the best blog
software. Hopefully, there will be something of interest for anyone
who wants to share their thoughts with others. We give our highest
recommendation to Blogilo.”

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