6 of the Best Free Linux Fractal Tools

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“A fractal is a geometric shape or quantity which
displays self-similarity and non-integer dimension. The property of
self-similarity applies where a self-similar object is exactly or
approximately similar to a part of itself. If you zoom in on any
part of a fractal, you find the same amount of detail as before. It
does not simplify.

“There are many mathematical structures that are fractals
including the Koch snowflake, Peano curve, Sierpinski triangle,
Lorenz attractor, and the Mandelbrot set. Fractals also describe
many real-world objects, such as crystals, mountain ranges, clouds,
river networks, blood vessels, turbulence, and coastlines, that do
not correspond to simple geometric shapes.

“Fractals are rooted in chaos theory, and because of their
nature they are perfect for organic looking artwork and

“Fractal-generating software is any computer program that
generates images of fractals. Linux has a good selection of fractal
software to choose from.”

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